Tabata Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Here’s a quick 24min Tabata that I love to use as a warm-up to my shoulder/bicep training days.  If you don’t have 24min, you can adjust your rounds on the seconds pro app to shorten as needed.

You’ll need your Seconds Pro app or the timer on your phone.  Set to 6 moves, 20 seconds of work/10 second rest, 8 rounds per move.  Rest 1 full minute between moves.

Round 1:  Push ups

Round 2:  Mountain Climbers

Round 3:  Kettlebell Swings

Round 4:  Dumbbell Thrusters

Round 5:  Overhead Jacks w/Medicine Ball

Round 6:  Burpees

What are your favorite moves to work your shoulders?  I’d love to hear what you use!  Let me know in the comments below =)