Do You Know Your Set Point? What the Heck Even is a Set Point?

Hi, I want to ask you guys a simple question, do you know your set point?Or do you know what “set point” means?  If not, no biggie, I’m going to show you how to figure out your set point and why it’s important to know it when starting or re-evaluating your fitness journey.

In the easiest possible terms, your set point is your body’s current calorie need to maintain your current weight based on your current workouts and eating.  Maintenance calories.  

Here’s why it’s important and how to determine yours:

 -- If you don't know what your starting point is, how will you be able to measure progress?
When you know what calories/macros your body needs to maintain your current weight, you’ll have a reference point to determine your macros for weight loss.  You will also learn how far you’re willing to go to meet your goal.  Again, you can lose weight on a 1200 calorie or less diet but is that really sustainable for you long term?  No.  Instead, if you know your set point, you’ll know ok I weigh xxlbs on these macros/calories so I know I’m going to eat less than those, etc.

-- How to determine yours, start logging your daily food intake and workouts.  You can log using MFP, another app, or old school pen & paper.  Over the course of 7 days, step on the scale, write down your current weight, eat, workout as normal, weigh again on Wednesday, then again on Saturday.  Hopefully, you’ll see the same weight give or take 1-2lbs (water weight).  Then you can average the # of calories or macros eaten that week.  Simple, you’ve got your maintenance calories.

-- One last step in knowing your set point: taking current progress photos (front, back, side) in shorts & t-shirt, whatever.  I know this may be tough but get over it.  If you don’t have an honest picture of where you’re currently at, again, you won’t be able to gauge how far you’ve come after 4-6 weeks of consistency.

I hope these tips are helpful and get you thinking of figuring out your set point!  Knowing this now will help you so much in January when you hit the ground running on your goals.  If you need some guidance on enjoying the holidays without packing on pounds, grab a copy of my free Holiday IIFYM guide here:  You’ll be ready for Christmas parties and road trips with some helpful realistic tips!