Are summer bodies really made in the winter? Maaayybee…

If you guys follow any type of fitness IG accounts or FB fitness groups, you’ll see these funny or motivational meme’s about how summer bodies are made in the winter.  This is actually 1 fitness trend I can get behind.  But probably not in the way you might think.  Today I want to share with you 3 reasons why summer bodies truly are made in the these winter months and encourage you to start these changes now!

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Reason 1.  What you implement now will change how you look & feel in 3 months, ie. spring time.  If you start this journey now, and commit to just 3 workouts a week, you’ll log about 70 workouts by May.  That is a significant amount of training time.  This gives you time to be sensible about your workouts.  You won’t have to implement a lot of cardio, you can work on your form on certain moves, you can try new workouts w/o feeling confined. 

Reason 2.  Very few of us are ideal candidates for quick, short-term fixes.  You need 90-120 days to develop your routine, make adjustments, and get consistent!  Yes, I offer a 30 Day Shred program but I am also very clear with my clients in the program that the nutrition and workout schedule is not desirable long term.  This means that when women repeat rounds of it, I slowly increase their intake each month to make sure they don’t plateau.  If you are just starting out, take this month to determine realistic goals to reach in 3-4 months, then choose your program based on that.

Reason 3.  You get to enjoy more food for longer.  When you think of nutrition and training for weight loss, it’s important to think long term.  Can you cut your calories drastically and lose 20lbs in 6 weeks?  Sure, but you won’t be eating very much and you’ll probably be working out about 2 hours a day.  Instead, if you adjust nutrition habits now, you can start with a much smaller calorie deficit, test those macros for longer periods, adjust for life events, and so on.  You’ll have the flexibility to enjoy more food for longer instead of feeling deprived how most people feel on a low calorie diet.  Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of being at a lower risk for rebounding and gaining all of your weight back.

Listen, you have 2 choices, implement changes now and know that you’re laying the groundwork for a fantastic spring.  Or, know that what you’re not doing will also impact how your spring goes.

I hope these reasons get you motivated this month to get to work!  If you need some help navigating your nutrition during this season, download my free Holiday IIFYM guide.  The link’s here:

I cover eating at holiday parties, family events, road trips, and enjoying cocktails with friends during this busy season.  By using IIFYM you can get through the holidays without putting on unwanted weight!