Don't Wait Until Next Week!

If you’re waiting until next week to start a new routine, you’re already set up for failure.  Here are my best 3 tips to set you up for success!

If you’re waiting until January 1st to start nutrition and/or training, you’ve already set a precedence for how it’s gonna go.  You’re putting it off again with more excuses.  It’s as simple as this, if you want different results, you’ve got to do something different, like today!  Real talk, I am over hearing people say, “I’m ready and I’ll start next week.”  Those weeks get pushed further and further back.


Here are my best tips to set you up for success on starting your journey today:

1. Decide on 1 major goal for 2017. Your fitness goal like running a 5k, completing a Spartan, competing in a bikini competition, hitting a certain # on the scale whatever and set a date for when you want to achieve this.  Once you know your goal, you’re better equipped to research the plans or coaches that can get you there.  Write that goal down, print it, and keep it visible daily/weekly.

2. Spend 15-20 minutes 2-3x this week on researching your training & nutrition options.  Narrow your list down to a few, get testimonials, ask questions, decide your budget, decide if it will fit your lifestyle!  If you cannot eat 4-5x per day b/c of your work schedule, then don’t buy that program.  If you don’t want to track macros, don’t use a plan that asks you to calculate your #s, etc.

3. Commit to your plan by this Friday. You’ve got your goal, you’ve researched plans, now commit to your new plan.  Purchase your program or download it if you’re using a free one, get your grocery list jotted down, meal prep planned for (when it’ll happen and what you’re prepping), read over your workouts and make sure you understand the moves, schedule your workouts for next week and give yourself leeway for when days don’t go as planned.

I hope these tips are helpful and more importantly that you put these into practice TODAY!  While you’re researching plans, take a look at the programs I have starting on January 9th here:

Or email me: and I’m happy to help you decide which plan is right for you!