How to enjoy Christmas dinner with your family without looking like a weirdo tracking macros!

Trying to eat right during the Holidays…we’ve all dealt with family like our parents or grandparents who gawk at what we put on our plate or encourage us that we need to eat more, then ask “Are you dieting right now?”  It can really affect our food choices and send us into a tailspin of eating more simply because we're guilted into it.

Today I’m going to share with you a few ways to enjoy that family meal with less stress and defensiveness, and basically not look like a weirdo busting out your food scale!

Let’s turn those negative nellys into a positive opportunity:

  1. Redirect the conversation.  I have found that if I redirect the conversation to others when they begin to question my eating habits or why I’m always “on a diet”.  This gives me the perfect time to segway into asking them about their own fitness goals for the New Year or what they have going on in their own life.  Here’s the deal, most people enjoy talking about themselves but if they feel a little pressed to discuss goals their tune changes a bit.  You have an amazing opportunity to plant a seed in their head about what they want to accomplish next year.  You’re focusing on what’s important!

  2. Educational.  This strategy can be challenging b/c you don’t want to seem like a know-it-all but it can be super effective.  Take the time to teach those family members what and why you’re making those food choices.  They’ll see that these are getting you to your goals.  By being confident about talking about your method, you will be simultaneously strengthen your belief and trust in the process. Most everyone enjoys hearing about something positive and this confidence is catchy.  These are the people may inspire to try something new and make a change for themselves!

  3. View it as practice.  Finally, you can view your family dinner as a chance to practice how much knowledge you’ve learned about visually measuring portion sizes.  Navigating holiday meals successfully ultimately comes down to moderation, wise food choices and portion control. And when you utilize these concepts properly, you can enjoy smaller portions of all of the food that was prepared with strategy in mind! You’ll stay on track and avoid the stares of denying every bit of food that’s passed your way.  In the end, your success is based solely on consistency, not a constant cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Remember, try to make the main focus of family dinner about FAMILY.  Enjoy people first and let the meal serve as a compliment to great company!

I hope these tips were helpful!  You can still download my Holiday IIFYM guide and learn more specifics on how to navigate this meal, road trips, and especially New Year’s Eve!  Grab your copy here