Dining Out & Macros

Are you eating out a bunch this week?  Me too.  Here are a few easy ways to stay on point while dining out!

It’s Wednesday, I haven’t meal prepped or grocery shopped or ordered.  I didn’t close my laptop until midnight last night from answering emails/updates, etc and I have forgotten the last 2 nights to order groceries.  That being said, we’ve got plenty on hand to make a couple of meals but otherwise, we’re dining out this week.

Today I want to share with you some super easy ways to stay on track with your macros (even low carb days) while still dining out during this busy season!

  • Determine where you’re going ahead of time.  Most of the time, friends and family will claim the restaurant that they are going to far in advance and that makes things really easy. You just get on google, and many restaurants will provide their nutritional values for all of their meals. Look through the different meals. Normally, there is a healthy choice area of restaurants but if not, no fear. No one should have macros so low that they couldn't work around this and just adjust for the rest of the day’s carbs or fats.  If you have been wanting a steak, get a steak. You’ll just have to make adjustments to offset those macros.

  • Lookup nutritional info if available and track/log.  If you are going to be dining at a large chain restaurant, then you should put that meal into Myfitnesspal at the beginning of the day and then you can work your other meals around those numbers.  For example, it’s Taco Tuesday at our house, we will be having Chipotle tonight.  So, I logged my dinner plans in FIRST, then figured the rest of my day around what macros I have left over.  These is even with low carb!

  • What if the nutritional info is not available? Obviously, don't go buck wild. Don't think that your day is ruined just because you are going somewhere with no macro information. There are always healthier choices.  Pick something that you think would be the best fit for your macros. If the restaurant does not have information, I always go with the safer options and log those using good old common sense!

I hope these tips were helpful!  If you want to learn more about how to navigate this week and especially NYE without undoing your hard work, download my free Holiday IIFYM guide here:  https://goo.gl/4JJymp

I have all of it covered!  From restaurants, cocktail parties, Mom’s home cooking, and even road trips.  You have just a few more days to grab that free download!