Never miss a Monday, especially this Monday!

You may be reading this late but there is still plenty of time to catch a workout today!  Today I am going to share with you why it is so important to never miss a Monday workout.  If there was ever a Monday to #nevermissamonday, this is for sure one of them. It is Christmas week, and the crazy is only going escalate.

Reason #1.  Working out releases endorphines, endorphines make you happy.  Happy people do not stab their in-laws.  This is *sort of* a joke.  But in all seriousness, almost all of my clients report back that they are just happier overall when they’ve made that workout happen.  Getting that sweat session in can help you reduce stress, get time outside of the house, and get you feeling confident that you can take on the challenges that extended family can bring!

Reason #2.  You need some peace in your life.  Even if it’s just 30 minutes today, that time that is dedicated solely to something you enjoy doing.  There is a definite peacefulness that comes from finishing a workout.  Plus, it may be the only time this week, you’ll get to listen to the music you want to hear!

Reason #3.  You’ll make better eating choices.  Gifting yourself with a workout today will impact how you eat the rest of the day.  You won’t want to mess up what you’ve already done.  You’ll want to enjoy dinner without feeling overly full and kinda sick after.  Making healthier dinner choices tonight, leads to waking up tomorrow feeling accomplished and thinking, “I can get another workout in today.”  Starting a positive trend for the week.

Listen, there will never be a perfect tomorrow to change to a healthy lifestyle.  You have to start where you are, right now and go with it.  Don’t miss your workout today, you need it (not for weight loss), but for your mental health this week.  

If you’re ready to commit to a New Year’s fitness goal, please check out my January programs starting on the 9th.  I just opened up registration here and you can get the details!

I hope this was helpful, be blessed!