Knowing Your Baseline Means Measuring Progress

It's unseasonably warm here in AZ which is lame for Christmas but fantastic for outdoor workouts!  I've spent the last week filming BRAND NEW circuits for my January programs.

 Knowing your baseline (or set point) for fitness is so important in order to accurately measure progress.  
Aim to measure your strength progress every 4-6 weeks by completing 1 rep max tests on your lifts (back squats-deadlifts-OH press) or measure your cardio endurance using a 1 mile run time trial with a conditioning circuit.

Use this quick circuit to test your baseline for cardio conditioning endurance.  It's a little sneak peak into my January programs!  Jot down your finish time and repeat the circuit in 4 weeks to see your improvements.

Complete 1 Round for Time:

50 Jump Rope
40 Bodyweight Squats
30 Butterfly sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Burpess
50 Jump Rope

Watch the video below for an example of the circuit

I'd love to hear your finish time so hit reply and fill me in on how you did!

Talk to you soon,