3 Reasons Your New Year's Resolutions May Fail

I was talking with a potential client this weekend who has a solid training plan but wants to dial in her nutrition.  One of her goals for 2017 is competing this summer.  I was super psyched when she mentioned it b/c I loved competing and I love to help women make it to the stage in a healthier way.  But then she says, I’m going to start working with you January 2nd….???!!!


I can completely relate to the idea that, “I want to wait until the New Year” or I want to “enjoy the holidays” but here’s the thing.  If starting IN 2017 towards your resolutions is your plan, you’re almost guaranteed to fail.  

Today I’m going to share with you 3 reasons why you may fail and more importantly how to succeed at your resolutions!

1. Your Mindset “I am going to eat everything in sight now and then lose weight starting in January”  How has that worked for you in the past?  It doesn’t.  One reasons I see clients struggling is because they live in the ‘all or nothing’ world.  “If I can’t eat everything, I will eat nothing. ” That only lasts so long.  With little balance, nothing in life really can be successful.
    INSTEAD: Set your December up for eating well but taking positive steps to not over indulge.  Start by simply logging your food intake now and especially track alchol.  I’m not saying to diet or under eat.  I’m saying get in the practice of see how you eat on a regular basis. 

2. Your Weight Loss Plan Things that promise “instant weight loss” are very attractive to a person who has had this moment of truth.  When a person finally decides to “lose weight” I often learn that there was and “x factor” that created the desire to act.   Something drastic happens.  Like they saw a photo of themselves they didn’t like or a friend/family member says something crappy to them about their weight.  I get it that the allure of a quick fix sounds perfect.  But in reality, we all know that the only program that will work for you is the one you stick with!

INSTEAD:  The program you should be doing is the one you see yourself on 1 year from now.  Studies show that over 80 percent of people who do restrictive dieting rebound and gain their weight back!   This is also very hard on your metabolism!!  When you see a plan you want to try, do your homework. Research.  If your new plan has 6 small meals a day and barely get a lunch break at work.. That’s obviously not the right plan for you!  If your new plan requires you to remove fruit, carbs,  or other food groups, ask yourself if that is sustainable.  It’s not. You already know it’s not.

Really think about WHO you are. Search for the plan that works with YOU.  Yes, I practice IIFYM and carb depletion/carb cycling.  BUT I also serve women who don’t want to eat 5-6x per day and that’s fine.  They are then taught intermittent fasting principles, I even have clients that do full 24hr fasts because they prefer it.  My point is that when you have a plan you enjoy, you’re going to stick with it!

3. No Clear Cut Goals I want to lose weight is one of the most vague goals I typically hear. It’s the same as I want a million dollars. Well… ok.  

INSTEAD Get specific!!  Really sit down and think about it. What do you want?  Do you want to fit into your clothes again?  Do you want to go all the way and rock a bikini body?  Think harder.. Hmmm  What do you want your physique to look like?  Do you want leaner legs?  Would you like an apple bottom?  This is about YOU. Be specific.  That’s what I loved about talking with that potential client this weekend.  Her specific goal is contest prep.  Meaning she has to set up those principles now in order to have an enjoyable prep!  

Write your goals down somewhere that you will see daily.  Long term goals are great but I strongly encourage you to set short-term milestones as well.  These keep you motivated and are sort of mile markers on your overall journey.

I hope these tips were helpful and encourage you to start today towards your resolutions!  Don’t forget there’s still time to download my Holiday IIFYM guide here:  https://goo.gl/4JJymp

I’ll help you navigate Christmas parties, road trips, and family dinners to keep you on track the next few weeks!