Are You Making These Low Carb Mistakes?

Today I want to share with you guys some common low carb mistakes I see people make and more importantly I want to help you prevent them!  

I got to thinking of this topic on Monday while still in Texas.  I was at my old gym in San Antonio and ran into several familiar faces.  I loved catching up with everyone but what’s funny is that often people kind of confess to me how they’ve been eating bad or missing workouts, whatever. Any way, what I heard several times was, “I’m planning on going low carb this week or through Christmas so I don’t gain, etc”.

Here’s the deal, many people who follow a low-carb diet plan crash & burn fairly quickly because of these common mistakes:

Not Eating Enough.  Yes, you can eat a low carb diet but are you at least keeping track of your calories? So many people end up eating well below 1200 calories when they go low carb b/c they eat a lot of salads. The problem is that you’re starving & hangry all day!

  •  INSTEAD: Track your intake using MFP or jotting it down and make sure you’re staying in a healthy weight loss calorie range. If you’re not sure what cals you should be eating at, you can find tons of free calculators online or email me and I’ll send you instructions.

    Not Eating Enough Fat- When using a low carb diet, many people end up eating a low-fat version of a low-carb diet. At the beginning, some people will see success this way. However, fat loss inevitably slows down, most often people can then become hungry if they don't add some fat to their diets. Nothing will sabotage a diet faster than hunger.
  • INSTEAD: Aim for 35-40% of your low carb diet to come from fat sources. These fats will help keep hunger at bay and keep your hormones regulated. Promising success in the long run!

    Getting Stuck in a Rut.
    If you’ve been following a low carb plan and are constantly falling off the wagon every weekend, you realize you’re completely blowing your progress! The problem with low carb all the time is you start to feel restricted & deprived, causing you to crave all of those “off limits” foods.
  • INSTEAD: I strongly encourage you to research carb cycling or calorie cycling so that you have at least 1 day per week where you’re getting to eat the foods you enjoy while still eating within your calorie goals.

I hope these tips help you avoid some common low carb mistakes! You can combat ALL of these issues by joining my FINAL 30 Day Shred Bootcamp of the year! This program uses carb cycling strategies safely and it produces significant fat loss fast. It’s just $65 if you register by Thursday at midnight and I only have 5 spots left!  

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