Monday Reset

 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  If you feel like you may have overindulged this weekend on tasty foods or cocktails, do not stress.  Today, I want to share with you three simple ways to hit RESET today!

  1. Plan all of your meals for the next three days.  This will set you up for success when you already know what you're going to eat.  It will also keep you from making unhealthy food choices when you get hungry!
  2. Decide when your workouts will happen this week.  Set an alarm on your phone on workout days for 1 hour before you need to be on the gym floor. This will give you an opportunity to wrap up any projects so you can leave work on time!
  3. Drink more water than usual.  If you typically get in 1 gallon, increase it to 1.5 gallons today.  Not sure what your water intake should be?  Check out the calculator here for help.  Drinking plenty of water today will help flush out any excess salt consumed over the weekend and relieve bloating.

Implementing these 3 strategies will guarantee your success in getting back on track this week!  If you have any questions on your training or nutrition simply hit reply.  I'd love to chat!