Ditch the Guilt

Alright we are through our first holiday of the fall!  How did you do?  Did you get thrown off this weekend with parties and treats?  Did you miss workouts?  Today I want to share with you a few ways to drop the guilt and move on!  

Try these tips instead if you have a bad day or few days (like over a weekend or holiday):

  • Cut out all added or processed sugar and lower your salt & fat intake.

  • Include good sources of protein and fiber (whole foods) with every meal, which slow digestion and keep insulin happy. Happy insulin = no cravings.

  • Workout! Exercise calms us down, and suppresses the stress hormones that cause our cravings for junk food to go awry.

  • Get good sleep, at least seven or eight hours per night. Adequate sleep ensures our leptin (the hormone that tells us we’re full) and ghrelin (the hormone that tells us we’re hungry) levels are maintained, which keeps our cravings for junk food in check.

  • Get your water in.  I aim for 1 gallon per day.  Obviously, if you don’t drink this much normally, you don’t need to start.  But I encourage you to drink the minimum required based on your current weight.  Google “Water intake calculator” and you’ll find a list that will easily estimate for you.  The water will flush out the excess salt, reduce bloating, aid in digestion

What doesn’t work? Fasting.  Starving yourself does just that — puts your body into starvation mode, which activates stress hormones, puts us in a state of inflammation, and disrupts your normal metabolism to minimize caloric spending. In other words, minimizing calories spent equals more fat stored, which is a bad idea.

You can also skip the hour long punishment cardio session in sweatpants and a waist trainer.  This sets yourself up for an unhealthy relationship with food and cardio.  You’ll begin to think, “Oh I can eat 6 donuts or 3 slices of pizza and just do the stairmaster for an hour.”  Don’t start this game.  You won’t win in the long run.

I hope this is helpful for you to drop the guilt from the weekend and start fresh today!  If you’d like to get back on track ASAP, download my free 7 Day Shred program, you can click the link here to receive it instantly: https://sarahcanntraining.leadpages.co/7-day-shred/

It includes 6 days of workouts and a 7 day menu to get you on track fast!