Holiday Goal Setting, Is That Even a Thing?

I have been catching up from my weekend in Florida, not just with clients but also with myself! Getting back to my workout routine and eating on my normal schedule #alwayshungry.

It got me thinking about what my nutrition goals are over the holidays? Then I wondered if that was even a thing? Last year I ran my 2nd ever online bootcamp through Thanksgiving and our main goal was to maintain our current weight and follow an at-home workout plan.

So I do believe Holiday goals are a thing! Today I wanted to share with you some goals you can aim for over over the coming weeks as life gets crazy:

Here's your first step: Make a decision. Decide whether you're going to work to maintain or decide you're going to attempt to lose weight.

If you decide to maintain: Set your macros at maintenance, eat intuitively when attending holiday functions, don't eat like a jerk, workout as your schedule allows. Start this as soon as next week as it typically takes people a few days to get used to eating more food (I know it sounds crazy but it happens!).

If you decide you want to try to drop lbs BEFORE the New Year: Set your macros for weight loss at about 15-20% from your maintenance calories, follow carb cycling schedule so you have at least 1 day a week to eat normally, stick with your workout schedule, work with someone (a girlfriend, your husband, or hire me, lol) to help keep you accountable to sticking with your goals!

My advice is to make the decision now. I hate to see women struggling through the holidays and I promise you if you go into the season with a plan, it is far easier to make decisions with workouts or meals because you're prepared!

I hope this was helpful as you start to think about your Thanksgiving plans! If you ever have questions on workouts or nutrition, comment below or schedule a free 20 minute consult to discuss your goals and how I can best serve you here:

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