I hope you're having a great Monday!  As I started planning my week, I realized I have a ton on my schedule and it would be easy for me to eat more out of convenience rather than for my goals.  Instead, I want to simplify my week by being intentional about what I eat and when.

So I
want to share 3 easy things that I am doing this week to help me stay on track nutrition wise.  I think these can be super helpful for you as well with kids after school sports/activities, workouts, and just life in general.

Plan Ahead
Don't let yourself get hungry without already knowing what you'll next eat. Log your full day of meals in MyFitnessPal and when you're hungry just reference it  to see what's up next. This way you don't have to think about your food choices, because they've already been made!  Even if you're planning meals out at restuarants this can be helpful.

Remember What Makes You Feel Good
If you don't feel 100%, you can't give 100% — when life is at its busiest, you need to be at your best! You know you feel your best when you're eating right and exercising, so prioritize your healthy lifestyle even more when you need to be on your A-game.

Be Selfish
When you can, say "no" to someone or some event if it means that's the only way you have time to meal prep, grocery shop, or get in a workout. Prioritize your own well being as high as you can.  

Remember—you're in control! 
Always view your healthy habits as one thing that you are completely in control of. You can't control the traffic or the weather, but you absolutely can control what you eat.

Those are just a few things I am using this week to stay on track.  If you would like personalized help in your nutrition methods, I would love to talk with you!  You can schedule a quick no strings attached 20 minute phone consult here.